Our Projects

We only have one project... BY THE MOMENT! The project it's called 'School Countdown'.

But what's that?

School Countdown is the first app by Feeder Apps. It consists basically in a countdown that reminds you how much is left until school ends and you're free during holidays.

And why School Countdown?

We wanted to create something people would use every day, but that was so hard to do, basically because we’re just amateur programmers. So we thought that it had to be something original, quite funny, and easy to program. Then we ended up with this idea: an application that reminds you how much time is left until holidays start. We bought the license of Atlanta Countdown HTML5 Layout, and customized and changed the code until it looked as we wanted it to look.

What do you do with your benefits?

Well, we haven’t had benefits yet… If someone could donate to us, to support the app… Please… :3

Nah, seriously, it is true we haven’t had benefits yet, but if we have some we’re going to distribute it like this:

50% - For our travel on 4th of ESO

25% - For a solidary cause

25%- For us :D

Why should I download School Countdown?

  • Because you’re always looking forward to the last day of school. And you can’t say no.

  • Because you’re helping a teenager dream of becoming a programmer become true.

  • Because you’ll be contributing to a solidary cause.

So what are u waiting?

Download the App!